We would like to inform you about the fact that we’ve started the transition of all the websites of our clients from http to https. We do this via an SSL certificate.

Short explanation, and hopefully not too technical: to use https on your website you need a SSL certificate. SSL certificates are small datafiles that digitally link a cryptographic key to company’s data. Once installed on a web server, they activate the padlock and the https protocol. This ensures a secure connection between a web server and a browser. SSL is usually used to secure credit card transactions, internet banking, data transfers and logins. In addition, it is becoming the new standard for the safe use of social media. HyperText Transfer Protocol Safe (HTTPS), is often used for internet sessions where sensitive information is sent.

But what benefits does this bring to your website?

The SSL certificate entails several advantages, namely:
• Provides confidence in website visitors cause of the encryption
• Websites with HTTPS get priority on sites with HTTP in the Google classification
• Google indexes these pages better, which makes your website more discoverable on Google
• It ensures that data you fill in on a website will be encrypted and thus be more secure
• Increase speed on your website which will send data faster

What are we going to do with your website?

We will convert all of our customers’ websites (for free) from HTTP to HTTPS! These website transitions will be in random order. We’ve already started this process and work in different batches a week. If you have questions about this subject, please contact your contact person.