Assurantie Apps

App developer Concapps launches a new label: Assurantie Apps.

’s-Hertogenbosch, 3 april 2017

Concapps, market leader in the Netherlands in developing branded mobile apps for entrepreneurs, launches a new label; Assurantie Apps. With these apps, each intermediary has its own app in the app store that lets customers report damage, pass changes, access the client folder directly, view frequently asked questions, and quickly find all kinds of other handy information.

CEO Hans Donkers explains: "Lately, there are a lot of technology developments in the insurance market. Intermediaries need to be more distinguished in terms of service and customer orientation. Certainly in the world of non-life insurance, customers expected to be helped everywhere and always. If there is any kind of damage, they want to report it immediately and they want to have the right information. In addition, customers wants to ask questions about whether or not to make changes. For example, when buying or selling a car or other important changes. This is already possible with large insurers. Important for intermediaries to join these developments as well.”

Every intermediary can have his own app in the appstores

"In our organization, questions from parties from the insurance market were frequently asked. These questions showed that it is important for insurance intermediaries to have their own app and to communicate their own brand and added value well. In addition, there were more questions for mobile forms, partly because big insurers offered it already. This, coupled with restoring confidence in the market, has made us decide to start a separate label and positioning in the insurance intermediary market.”
"With our platform, we can quickly create a customized app for each intermediary. Because not every organisation is the same, they can determine what they want in their app based on our building blocks. So it is not a problem to add mortgage, brokerage, or banking services to the app. Because apps must match the primary process, we believe in links and we are specialised in this. We are now talking with several market parties like software vendors and service providers to develop these links with them. We expect to start producing hundreds of apps this year in the market."

About Concapps

The fast-growing Concapps is the market leader in branded apps in the Netherlands and Belgium. With its own innovative App Management Platform, Concapps has launched a number of vertical labels that provide Concapps with market-specific solutions, often in collaboration with other vendors from the market. Concapps markets include: Gym Apps (Fitness clubs), Basisschool Apps (primary schools), Zwem Apps (Swimming Pools and Swimming Schools) and Business Apps. In 2016, Concapps was nominated as one of the 100 most innovative companies in the Netherlands.

Assurantie Apps that have been launched and can be downloaded in the appstores include: Fidus, Westenburg Assurantiën, Blokweg and Adviesnet.

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